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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Blue Ridge Mountains

We told everyone that we were going to wineries and going hiking. Sunday morning we headed north looking for a park that a woman working at 21 & Main had told us about. (BTW, if you are ever in Elkin, you should check this place out. We ate twice in the wine bar---very cool and the hamburger was fabulous.)
Somehow, we ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Gorgeous scenery. Absolutely stunning. And we found a place to hike. Plenty of places to picnic (with lots of wine in the traveling bar to choose from.) Life is good.

Even better was stopping for dinner in a place in South-western Virginia called Galax. We weren't sure how to pronounce it and were going to ask the server. Surprisingly, we forgot (ha), but of course remembered just after we were outside. I spied a local and asked him, "Excuse me, how do you pronounce the name of this town?" He looked and me bug-eyed with his jaw hanging down and answered "Gay-lacks" with a huge drawl.


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