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Friday, October 31, 2008

Grassy Creek Winery

Somehow, we made it to this very cool little winery just 20 minutes or so before they closed. Tastings for $3 (yea!), and cool ballcaps for $5. We chatted with the two men behind the counter, looking for a good Italian spot. The younger one was telling us about a place his friend owned, just down the roads, with no liquor license, but he could get us in with some wine, so we agreed to follow him there despite the weird comments he had made about his wife and asking us if we were “together-together.” So, we are starved. All we’ve had all day is chips and dips, so we are looking forward to an actual meal given all the alcohol and that it’s now after 6. So, when Jason heads down a hill, we think he’s taking a short-cut to the food.
Jason pulls down to a pond and tells us this is where he goes fishing, blah, blah, blah. We’re still hungry. (It really is all about food.) Then Jason tries to impress us by whizzing back up the hill, only to start spinning and sliding backwards. Scared me a bit. Then he waves us on. My heart pounding and remembering snowy lessons from my dad with a car with rear-wheel drive, I put it in D3, step slowly on the gas, and begin up the hill. S yells out the window at Jason to put it in low gear. Even with all that, there was a moment the tires of our Sebring convertible slipped on the red clay. My heart was pounding. We made it to the top and walked back down to find Jason inches from the edge of the pond. In a car that did not belong to him. We took him to get the tractor to pull out the car, but after dropping him off, we ditched him and headed to the winery open until 10. Old North State Winery---very cool, but the food leaves a bit to be desired.) We had no desire to stay in the area with Creepy Jason around. In fact, we canceled our plans to go back hiking the next morning and headed out to find better adventures instead.


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