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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Traveling Bar
I know that I own too many shoes. In that respect, I am my mother’s daughter. While I have always known that I resemble my father more physically and in character, I thought the resemblance ended there. Before my parents sold the house that they had owned for about 20 years, I went to help clean out the house and discovered that my father owned a couple dozen coolers and just as many pieces of luggage. In that instant, I knew that I was truly my father’s daughter.

So, as I have told S many times, any road trip (even just a short trip for a couple of hours to go shopping) necessitates a cooler. Why stop and buy drinks when you can bring your own? With a road trip, this is even more pertinent. So, S and I head out to rural NC with our own personal bar: a 12 pack of assorted microbrewery beers, 3 bottles of wine, and the fixings for margaritas. Little did we know when I made the reservation that we were staying in a dry city, but we had no problem as we had brought our personal supply. Our own beverages, our own music, great conversation, we are self-sufficient.


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