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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Again, Home Again…

Jiggetty jig. Back to SF. Home, sense of family. So nice to be back in my element, to feel like me. E and I head north. Petaluma. Small town, slow pace, great surroundings. But, Petaluma always makes me think of Polly Klass, such a sad memory, but it’s not mine, just a collective memory that is part of my past.
My personal Petaluma memories include the small, beautiful downtown and especially Della Fattoria. Great family, fascinating story, fantastic food. Tea introduced me last year, and she joined E and me for dinner our first night in Sonoma.
Prior to joining Tea, E and I visited Truchard Vineyards, truly fantastic. I had a case shipped home. I keep thinking about retirement. Where do I really want to be? Sonoma and Napa are really great choices to consider….

Della Fattoria


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