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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yadkin Valley

Even today, I don’t know how, but S managed to find this area. I hate to be a snob, but after France and northern California, other wine regions have to really put up a fight to get my attention. We decided to stay in Jonesville because the Jonesville/Elkin area seemed to have such a great concentration of vineyards. There is actually an area within the Yadkin Valley called The Swan Creek Wine Trail comprised of five wineries that have their own appellation. S and I managed to visit these five in one day (plus a few more.)
I must admit, it’s a bit of a toss-up, which was my favorite. The views at both Dobbins Creek and Raffaldini were amazing. The wines at both were decent, but the memories of the trip far outweigh any tastings. Shadow Springs Vineyard had a strawberry wine. I refused to taste any of the sweet wines, but I relented on this one because of the song. (“Strawberry wine, seventeen…”) It was amazing. It tasted just like strawberries. Phenomenal. But two sips were enough. We headed out from here to Dobbins Creek with its amazing views. Great place to sit and enjoy a glass.
View from Dobbins
Then we headed off to Raffaldini which was full of fun. S and I got some wine (and some hats… “Raffaldini…Chianti in the Carolinas”) and headed out to the patio to sit around a large table in the late afternoon sun. We sat sipping our wine, taking pics, when an elderly woman approached us and asked if the other seats at our table were free. We told her yes, but S added that there was a price to pay. If she wanted to sit at our table, she had to take a picture of us. The woman looked down at her camera, looked at us, and asked, “But, how will you get the picture if I take it with my camera?” I quickly told her she could take it with ours. She walked off to take some photos of the scenery, and S turned to me and said. “Her name must be Beverly or Stella.” We decided B/S would do for short, but she turned out to be Rose. She took our picture, we took a few more scenic shots, shots of each other jumping in the air (I’m so glad we are so unconcerned about what other people think of us!), some more photos by strangers, and then decided to see what else was out there.

View from Raffaldini

According to our brochure, there were two other wineries, one open until 9, the other til 10. We headed off to the one open until 9, only to find that it had actually closed at 5. We whipped around with S’s great directions to our next adventure….


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