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Monday, May 05, 2008

29,999 Crazy People and Me
a.k.a. The Five Boro Bike Ride

So Sunday, May 4 was NYC’s Five Boro Bike Ride. I arrived on Friday night after a fair bit of airport drama to stay with K. Saturday we hung out with friends and then met up with 8 other people at 7:45 a.m. in Midtown to participate in the race.

Space is limited to 30,000 people, and many major thoroughfares are shut down to accommodate the bikers including the FDR and the BQE. You get a perspective of the city and its sights like you could on no other day. Simply amazing. And I can’t forget to mention what a sight it is to see the bridges teeming with cyclists both in front and in back of you.
It was truly an adventure, in the best sense, even though there was nothing off-the-beaten-path about it. There were people in all boros, out on the street, cheering you on. There was a huge sense of camaraderie amongst the riders. And the riders were amazing, of all ages. There were children on the back of parents’ bikes and others riding themselves. One man had three daughters biking behind him on a tandem attachments and a child bicycle carrier at the end. Wow. That guy had a lot of stamina. It was an experience like no other.
My personal favorite highlight from the trip:
Riding in Midtown, the street is filled with wall-to-wall cyclists. If you were a pedestrian on one side, you had no hopes of getting to the other, as proven by the man with the University of Michigan ball cap who screamed, “I’m just trying to get across the God damn street!”