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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Salt Lake City
a.k.a .Tales Of My Youth

Many moons ago, I drove cross-country to move to San Francisco to go to graduate school. I was scared, driving cross-country alone, young and naive, before mobile phones became widespread. I remember my grandmother telling me that I should borrow my father's mobile phone (which was the size of a small country) for my journey, just to be safe.

I blew off her commentary. BUT, I was really wishing I had that mobile phone during bits of that trip. (Although, I really wonder...if I had actually had the mobile phone, would it have worked? I mean, "Can you hear me now?")

So, at some point during that trip, in the height of summer, I drove through Salt Lake City. I drove past the Great Salt Lake, and my mind played tricks on me. "Snow? In August? It's really hot here! Oh, the Great Salt Lake. It's salt."

This time, it was not salt, but beautiful nonetheless.


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