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Thursday, September 13, 2007

DFW, Part II

R and I stopped and had sushi on the way to the hotel. Does it seem inherently wrong to eat sushi in Texas? In a landlocked city?
The following day we explored a bit and did some shopping. We had dinner and went back to the hotel. R said that we could not possibly be so lame as to not go out for the night. He forced me to drag my sorry rear off the bed and head out. He said, “We should go dancing. Maybe we’ll find a place that has karaoke.” (Okay, so he knows, karaoke, or at least the mention of it, perks me up.)
We’re driving down the freeway and I see a large sign flashing “Karaoke Tonight” at the Sterling Hotel. We take the next exit and maneuver our way to the hotel. Once inside, we ask where the karaoke is. As we stand in the doorway observing the scene, I say to R, “Let’s get out of here.” It’s scary. Something is just not right. R, Mr. Outgoing and Sunny Personality, makes a comment about the karaoke to the front desk staff. They inform us that if we don’t like the karaoke, there’s a swingers club on a different floor. Dallas is an interesting place….


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