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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Airport Sightings III

M, this is for you....

Really, I can understand that it's always me. But, there is always the exception to the rule, right?

Friday, taking the airport shuttle from the car park to the terminal, I get on first. Actually out of the car as the shuttle pulls up with my backpack and computer bag. Next stop, the shuttle pulls up and waits...for hours. All of a sudden, the Asian woman we are waiting on turns around and exclaims with great surprise, "Are you waiting for me?" The shuttle driver helps her with her numerous boxes and bag, and we head to the next customer.

As we pull up, this older white woman in velour corduroy-looking bright pink pants and burgundy sweater is peering, perplexedly, into her car through the windows. I really don't understand what is going on, but she is looking into the car, though various windows, holding a hold bunch of junk. She doesn't even turn around as the shuttle pulls up. It's like she is in her own little world, examining the contents of her car. I am wondering to myself why she doesn't open the door to more closely examine whatever has escaped her. Eventually she gets on, with her hair sticking up in places it shouldn't be sticking up.

I'm sitting on one side of the shuttle while everyone else has chosen to sit on the other. I have on sandals (despite the snow) as I am headed for Jacksonville (Florida.) And they stare at me. Like I'm the weird one. This time has to be the exception to the rule. It cannot be me.


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