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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Irving Street
Inner Sunset, San Francisco
Change: one little word that can strike fear into the hearts of otherwise sane people. (Or at least they seem sane on the outside!) I’ve been working in change management for quite a few years now, and people really do fear change. But more often that not, change turns out to be good, but it’s rare that we go back and wonder what we were afraid of in the first place.
When I visited Tea last, I got up in the morning and walked down to the Arizmende Bakery a few blocks from her house. They have a cherry corn scone that is simply amazing. Every time I know I will be staying with her, I think about that scone. It’s that good. As I walked back toward her apartment, looking around me, at the people as well as Irving Street, in the Inner Sunset area east of 19th Avenue, I thought about change. Irving Street is now a chic little area. When I lived in the city, there were two things you could get on Irving Street: Asian food and a cheap haircut in a no-frills Asian salon for $7. I know---I got quite a few of those! There are still some places you can get Asian food, but there are lots of cute little restaurants and cafes with every type of cuisine imaginable. It’s funny, because when I lived in the city, you just didn’t hang out on Irving Street. You couldn’t; there wasn’t anything to do. Now there is plenty, I thought as I observed people populating the cafes and sidewalks early on a Friday morning. Change is not always bad.


Blogger Tea said...

Ha, I remember when you were thinking of living in SF after Japan and told me you were looking at apartments in the Inner Sunset near Irving Street.

"Why on earth would you want to live there?" I asked.

"It's starting to become cool," you told me. "They say it's the new Chestnut Street."

Well, not quite Chestnut Street, but I like it better that way:-)

Thanks for coming to visit!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found ur blog by chance when I was looking for some meaning of english words. Wow! You lived in Japan for a long time!
It's amazing to know how people feel about my country!
And your comment is so funny.
Now you're back in states, aren't you? What a shame...

5:23 AM  

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