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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Great Bazaar
R and I went to the Great Bazaar to have a look around, and, of course, neither one of us is extremely opposed to shopping. Having traveled to many third world countries and shopped at the markets, I knew that haggling would be involved in our shopping experience. I did not, however, realize how many people would approach us, in the bazaar or later on the street, and invite us to look at the carpets in their store. By the end of our time in the bazaar, I was tired and ready to breathe air out in the open on the street. Even though we looked at many carpets, we did not buy any that day. The most interesting bit about looking for a carpet was probably that both R and I were looking that first day. At one point, R was frustrated because while we were both asking questions, the salesmen were always directing their answers to me. I grabbed him around the waist and whispered in his ear, “They think we’re married.” Since this thought hadn’t crossed his mind, he began to laugh and realized how funny the situation actually was.


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