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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Adventures on a Turkish Bus
Day One (or at least later after our early morning arrival at the hotel) saw us making our way into town to get our first glimpses of Istanbul. We’d gotten a recommendation for an area of town near the beach, which turned out to be near the airport. We had no idea this was a 45 minute bus or train ride to the city. We tried to take the hotel shuttle, but it turned out to be full. So, the bus adventure began.
When we hopped on the bus, we approached the driver to purchase a ticket, only to be directed to a man sitting in the first seat on the opposite side who was selling tickets. Unbeknownst to us, this was the only day we would see ticket sellers on the bus. Riding the bus gave us an opportunity to see bits of Istanbul that we never would have seen and a chance to see how the people actually live. We also had to change busses to get where we wanted to go which provided another challenge and a chance to interact with the Turks. My most memorable moment on the bus was probably when the driver was attempting a sharp turn and the driver of a car had pulled too far up into his path. The bus driver leaned out the window, yelled at the car’s driver and gestured, and the man backed up in a hurry. Not something you see everyday in my bit of the world.


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