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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Adventures on a Turkish Train
I thought that riding the bus in Turkey was an adventure. The train, in many ways, turned out to be an even bigger adventure. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling on trains in both Japan and Europe. While there are differences, train travel seems second nature to me and, I thought, would not hold any shocks or surprises.
I was wrong.
As we pulled out of the station where we boarded, the doors did not close. Unless someone physically closes the doors, they remain open. The first time we rode the train, I was simply shocked as we rode along, gaining speed, and several train doors remained open. Later, I thought how crazy it was as twenty-something boys goofed around, one sitting with his legs dangling out of the train as we sped along. R winced as a train passed in the opposite direction. While we didn’t see any maiming, it certainly makes you think.

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