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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Aventuras en Melbourne
Part III, The Yarra Valley
The adventure (belatedly) continues....
So and I headed up to the Yarra Valley, driving around Melbourne and up to the vineyards and gorgeous scenery.

We had decided to find a place for lunch once we’d arrived. As we drove kilometers through never-ending gorgeous scenery, we happened upon the Yarrawood Estate which offered lunch in their cafe. We tried several wines and ordered two meals (which we of course split so that we could taste everything!)

Fantastic food, wonderful wine, and with full stomachs we set off toward the town of Yea. We decided that we had to go there just for the name. A quaint little town, we got out and walked around a bit before heading back toward Melbourne.

One of the greatest things about having a rental car is that you can stop on the side of the road as often as you like to take photos. This is a big thing with me. As we were driving down toward Melbourne, the sun was setting, and the valley was gorgeous. I pulled over to take a few shots. When So opened the passenger door, she screamed and slammed it shut. She told me that there was an animal out there and she wasn’t sure if it were alive or dead. We both crawled out the driver-side door and looked. After determining that the animal was not breathing, we approached to find out that it had been hit by a car. It was our first look at a wombat, and the only one we saw in the wild. On that note, we left the Yarra Valley and headed back to M’s for dinner.


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