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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yes, Bart, it’s true...
Water does go down the drain clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

While was washing dishes the other day, I had filled the sink. As the last bit of water drained quite forcefully, I realized, “Oh, my gosh! It’s going clockwise!”

I remember my first trip to the Southern Hemisphere, a trip to Bali a few years back with a group of Spanish girlfriends. MJ really wanted to see the water spin clockwise down the drain. We never did get a good look. The water-spinning-the-other-way-thing is the stuff of legends. I remember learning that in elementary school. This must just be “a thing” for those of us born and raised in the Northern Hemisphere. I was telling this to JW, an Aussie from Sydney. She was incredulous. “You learned that in school? I learned that from the Simpsons....”

So, yes, Bart, the water does go down the toilet clockwise....


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