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Monday, June 12, 2006

Krispy Kreme

After walking out of customs after arriving in Sydney, I needed to find an ATM as I only had $100 US and no local currency. As I walked through the terminal area outside of customs, I did a double take and asked the person I was with, “Krispy Kreme doughnuts?” He said, “Yeah, you can get some if you’d like.” I declined.

Last week when I arrived at the airport in Sydney, all the flights had been delayed due to the rainy weather. I had planned to have an hour at the airport but instead ended up with more than an hour and a half. I decided to meander through the airport on my way to the gate and browsed the food court. In the food court, there is a Krispy Kreme outlet, and there were bunches of people lined up to buy doughnuts. (Alternatively said: there were heaps of people queued up to buy doughnuts.) I went down to my gate to sit and wait, hoping that we would leave as soon as possible. My amazement continued. At least every other person had a box of Krispy Kremes. Huge boxes. Some had more than one huge box.

Over the weekend at M’s, someone brought up Krispy Kreme. I was telling my stories of amazement and was let in on the secret. Currently, the only Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in Australia are in Sydney. One is slated to open soon in Melbourne, but at the moment, bringing back Krispy Kremes from a trip is all the rage, so says the doughnut mule.


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