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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Featherdale Wildlife Park
When I had asked JW about things to do in greater Sydney, she told me about Featherdale Wildlife Park where you can see all kinds of Australian animals. Of course, to the non-Australians, this was very intriguing. One day, JW and her sister took So and me to Featherdale Wildlife Park. We had a great time and even better company. We first walked through the birds, then wombats and wallabies. We saw dingoes (“The dingo ate my baby!”), Tasmanian devils, emus, kangaroos, and more, but the best was probably the koalas. The koalas were in individual compartments, and at the end of the area, there was a petting area. A Featherdale employee was watching as people queued up and took turns taking pictures with the animal. After So and I had taken a few pictures, she commented to me that the fur was so soft. “You touched it?” I had been afraid to touch and thus hadn’t. Another employee came out to the other petting area with a second koala. So and I lined up again, so that I could pet the koala. The couple in line behind us had offered to take our picture, and as we stood next to the koala, I reached to pet its rear while So reached to pet near its face. Oooops. The koala bit the sleeve of her jacket and scared the daylights out of both of us. So still asks why I was scared because the koala actually bit her. But, I’m telling you: 怖い (kowai---scary!)

An Echidna. Today's trivia (courtesy of JW): A baby echidna is called a puggle.


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