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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back to Wisconsin

I guess I just can’t get enough of the Midwest. Maybe that’s a good thing, thinking about the future....
So, I signed up for a two-week gig in Kohler (Sheboygan), WI, at Kohler, you know, like the bathroom fixtures. Well, personally, I would love to wear sandals 365 days-a-year. I was not-so-pleasantly-surprised to discover that it’s COLD in Wisconsin. Once I’d arrived, I remembered wearing a light sweater and being cold in August when it was 70 degrees, but now it’s in the low 60s and even low 40s in the morning as I head to work. I wish I had remembered that while packing. Better luck next week.
The most memorable happening this past week was right after I had arrived and was signing in at the main office. I asked where the restroom was. I entered and was completely stunned. It was amazing. The flooring was incredible, not to mention the sink and faucet fixtures, or the toilets (despite being in stalls), or the light fixtures. I stood there, mesmerized. Then I reminded myself, “This is Kohler, after all!” Duh. But the truly amazing thing is that the bathroom at the distribution center where I am working is just as amazing. I’m in love.


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