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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Singing Bar Diva, the best karaoke bar in Osaka

Karaoke in Japan most often takes place in a “Karaoke Box,” a room that you rent with your friends and sing to your heart’s content. However, being a party of one, I was looking for a venue where I would not be alone in a room. (Although R told me it was a perfect situation. He said, “Go to the front desk, say ‘La, la, la. Oh! I need to practice. A room for one please.’”) I guess that way you don’t need to fight for the mike with anyone, but it’s a good way to get laryngitis.

A co-worker found Diva for me on-line. I went the first time with another co-worker in Japan for a week. The second time I returned alone. They remembered me, and I became a 常連 (a regular.) On my third visit, one of the employees yelled out my name as I came through the door. The Cheers song ran through my head: “where everybody knows your name.”

If you’re ever in Osaka, give the Singing Bar Diva a try. They have a large selection of English songs. The staff is extremely nice and an incredible group of singers. They’ll make you feel at home, and you’ll have a great time. You will want to go back. As often as you can. Because everyone will know your name.

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