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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Engrish III-Food

All the foods prepared by HORAI come out from our careful research, over half century of top flavors based on the Chinese gastronomy. A myriad of people, grownups and children alike, just love our characteristic menu, and have made HORAI’s name increasingly popular and famous. Our eagerness to satisfy the eating pleasure of people will be ever-lasting. For the sake of it, we will always keep the HORAI foods up-to-date in their taste and style in accordance with our customers’ preference. Your continued support of our BUTAMAN, SHUMAI, YAKI-GYOZA, and ICE CANDY will be highly appreciated.

Wonderful Dessert by Takarabune
Our theme for making cakes is “Good Taste”, to enrich relations among between people. Enjoy our cakes to your heart’s content, as they have each been painstakingly prepared.

Beard papa pursus handmade, freshness and deliciousness, and particular about the matrial and addition thing such as an antiseptic never uses for health. Shop original puff shell is surrounded by a little luxurious crispy pie and a feeling of appetite is new type

“Creperie” seen in town birthplace “France.” Crepe daily eaten in France. The patissier of “cocorico makes the dessert crap that enchant people even fashionable parisienne in the home. It sticks to the taste and it is gentle also to the body. We keep walking the one by using on the ingredient serested carefully so it is possible to eat at ease even for mall child and doesn’t use the synthetic preservation fee and the additive, etc. at all. It is our “crepes de cocorico” cocorico.
Of course, when So and I saw this and were reading it, we read one panel and then the other. If you do that, you come up with the line, "so it is possible to eat the child." Will wonders never cease.


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