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Monday, November 13, 2006

Cobb, WI
Population 442

Driving through rural western Wisconsin, past farm field after farm field, I drove past a sign for Cobb, Wisconsin, population 442. Wow. The reduced speed limit took me through town, past houses on either side of the
151/18, and past a few small businesses. What shocked me the most was the small building that is the schoolhouse for all grades. As I drove out of Cobb and continued westward to north-east Iowa, I thought about my life, places I’ve lived, and what it would be like to live in such a small, rural setting. What kind of person would I have become growing up in that type of situation? Could I be happy in a setting like that now? Could I ever choose to live my life so physically isolated from the rest of the world? As the miles rolled by under my tires, I had heaps of time to think about physical surroundings, how they mold you, and how the choices you make and how those that are made for you affect your life and who you are.


Blogger treehugger said...

You are not kidding!

We just took a 4000 mile road trip through many small towns and isolated places. We kept asking ourselves "who lives out here, and what do they do?"

We both think that people must get stuck in small towns, with jobs and families and nowhere else to go. If you know nothing else, you don't know what you are missing....

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