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There are no random acts. We are all connected. You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind. (the five people you meet in heaven)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well, I guess I just need to start this with the fact that I really don’t understand the point of a blog and actually don’t want to put my soul out on the internet. I have seen some blogs that are diaries out there for anyone to read. The writers discuss going to marriage counseling, things they hate about their spouse, etc. I’ve seen some that are very ego-centric. I am way too private for that. Don’t expect any psychoanalysis (of myself or others) coming out of me on this page.

So, why am I doing this you ask? I wanted to leave a comment on my friend’s blog, but you actually have to SIGN UP for a blog in order to leave a comment. Not what I had in mind....

So, where does this leave me? Well, I have been thinking for quite a long time and talking for a short time about writing a book: semi-fiction, based on my life and experiences. I believe that whatever your life is like, that is normal to you. This is the point, the center, from which you make judgments on other people and situations. Other peoples’ lives may seem more or less interesting, exciting, psychotic, random, etc. to you based on your consideration of normal. I think my life is oh-so-normal and maybe even somewhat boring. What got me thinking about this whole situation was a good friend saying, “Nobody does things like that.” He was impressed, but I thought the things I was telling him were pretty banal.

So, where does that leave me with the blog? I will be working in Japan for the next several months and thought as long as I had to sign up, this might be a good way to tell stories to my friends and share some pics. This could be really boring. I’ll be working, studying, exercising, taking photos, and hopefully seeing some friends from the periods I lived in Japan. So, check back in (or not), there might be something interesting to read (or not.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call on the exercise, awg! Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! :)

5:17 PM  

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